Television violence and its bad effects on our kids

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Television

A study at the National Institute on Media and the Family, published infound that third- fourth- and fifth-grade children who watch media violence are more likely to treat their peers with rudeness and mean behavior.

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11 Reasons to Ditch Your Television

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How Media Use Affects Your Child

Beginning in the early s, some scholars, anti-media advocates and professional groups like the APA began working to connect a methodologically messy and often contradictory set of results to public health concerns about violence.

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Is TV Really So Bad for Kids?

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As many as 97% of US kids age play video games, contributing to the $ billion domestic video game industry.

Technology News

More than half of the 50 top-selling video games contain violence. After seeing television and video game violence, The resulting report and a follow-up report in by the National Institute of Mental Health identified these major effects of seeing violence on television: ACT Raising Safe.

Yep. On average, American households have more televisions in the home than people living in it. I guess the good news is that on average we can now safely watch whatever we want, whenever we want, without having to share or spend time with anyone else.

By Lisa Pecos. Today’s kids plug into media at an earlier age than their predecessors, and the amount of media they consume is staggering compared to the habits of past generations.

Television violence and its bad effects on our kids
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